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Cheddar Caves

This week, Rowan and Oak Class ventured out on a school trip to explore the fantastic sites at Cheddar Gorge and Caves to conclude our unit on 'Cheddar Rocks'.

The children had the chance to meet a 'Stone Age hunter-gatherer' to find out more about what Stone Age people had to do to survive. We learnt about the many different ways they could make and manage fires; how they used flint knapping to make stone tools for hunting, carving and chopping; what kind of 'clothes' (animal skins) they would have worn; and shelters they would have used. It was great to build upon the learning we have covered this term and give the children the chance to show off their knowledge.

We also delved into the wonders of Gough's cave, spotting stalactites and stalagmites and learning how the cave would have been formed all those years ago. We spotted the replica skeleton of the Cheddar Man, the oldest, most complete human skeleton in Britain! The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the cave together and seeing all of its fantastic, natural features on display. The guides were rather impressed by the children's historical knowledge, and we are very proud of the way they behaved and represented Wookey!