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Our Final Reading Challenge of the School Year

We have now launched the final Reading Challenge of the year.

This challenge is all about spreading the love of reading and collecting ‘reading miles’. The children have been asked to read aloud to as many people as possible and to take a picture of themselves doing this each time, along with writing the location of the person being read to. Each picture can then be added to Seesaw as a draft until the final upload, when they have read to as many people as they can. This is when the green tick can be pressed. We have encouraged the children to try to spread their love of reading far and wide, i.e. can they read to someone over the internet/on the phone/ in another part of the country/different country/when they are visiting a relative over half-term. The concept of the ‘reading mile’ is the distance between the person being read to and Wookey School. There will be two prizes for this challenge. One for the child that reads to the highest number of people and one for the child who collects the most ‘reading miles’. This could be a series of little ‘trips’ or several larger ones. This challenge will run until the end of the school year. Full details of the challenge are on the activity on Seesaw, but if there are any questions then please let me know. Happy reading! Mrs Fisher