Our Classes

Many of our children start with us in playgroup as 'Little Acorns', ​and in September 2016 our playgroup formally became part of Wookey School.

From playgroup our children progress to Rowan, our Reception class, which contains our Reception and Year 1 children.


After Rowan Class our children move on to Oak (year 2 and 3) and then Willow (year 4 and 5) until they reach Chestnut Class in year 6. Most of our children move on to Wells Blue School at the end of year 6.

A Typical Day.

Our school day begins at 8:55am when the school bell is rung. After registration the children will all take part in an active warm up for their day in class.


Although the main focus of the morning sessions will be English and Maths, you are also likely to see other subjects being taught.

After some initial teacher input you will see groups of children working closely with an adult, most likely on something with an English or Maths focus, and groups of children working independently on their own learning, often in areas of school away from their classroom.

Playtime is from 10:30am until 10:45am and lunchtime is from 12:00pm until 1:00pm. After lunch the style of learning stays pretty much the same, with perhaps more of a topic based focus for the afternoon. Our teaching style though, with our focus on developing independence, does allow for adults to continue with English or Maths activities to support children throughout the afternoon.

Timetables on Wednesdays do differ from the other days of the week in that Mr Scriven, our sports coach, takes all classes for a P.E. session during the day.


In September 2018 we were pleased to be able to increase the number of hours Mr Scriven works with us to allow him to work with groups of children in on Thursday mornings too. 

School ends at 3:20pm, although after school clubs run until 4:15pm and we are open until 6:00pm as part of our wraparound care provision.