School Uniform

There is an expectation that all pupils are to wear the correct uniform when attending school unless told otherwise, for instance non school uniform, themed days or school trips.


Sweatshirts/Cardigans - Maroon sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, preferably with logo.

White top - White shirt/blouse or white/maroon polo shirt.

Socks/tights - Plain white/grey/black socks at ankle or just below knee height. No patterns or bright colours allowed.

Shorts, trousers, skirts or pinafore dresses - Must be dark grey: “Fashion” trousers that are patterned, buttoned or flared should not be worn for school.

Black school shoes - All pupils should wear shoes which are safe and comfortable in school and in the playground. No high-heeled or platform/wedge shoes or boots. Clogs or crocs are not allowed.

Summer Dresses - Maroon/Red and white gingham dresses or skirts/top.


Pupils with pierced ears should wear studs - not ear-rings. Pupils should not wear additional jewellery of any sort to school unless agreed for cultural / religious reasons.


Book Bag: Maroon, preferably with logo.


PE/Games kit will be needed when your child starts school. Plimsolls, black shorts and a white or maroon tee-shirt are required and need to be in school every day. It would be helpful if as well as the above your child has a black or dark blue tracksuit or other suitable warm leisure wear for outdoor lessons.


For football sessions after school children will need plastic studded boots. Shin pads can be used if you wish.


All children are expected to change into PE kit. Children with long hair should ensure that their hair is tied back during PE and games sessions, and also for swimming.


For swimming, the children will need a towel, a swimming costume or swimming trunks, swimming hat and a warm top to put on after swimming. Beach shorts are not permitted. Suitable perspex goggles are recommended by swimming instructors. Floats and armbands are provided.


Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked with the child's name. Unclaimed items are stored in lost property but then disposed of or donated to the WSA nearly new sales.

School uniform can be ordered from Identity Kits in Wells. We have a good supply of nearly new uniform which can also be purchased from the Wookey School Association.