1 week in.

It's a cliche I know, but I can't believe it's only been 1 week since the children started back. The summer break seems a distant memory, even though we are experiencing some late summer sun today.

It was great to see the usual parade of happy faces as the children made their way into school this morning, with relatively few showing signs of second week syndrome. It is very natural for children to suffer with this syndrome as the novelty of coming back to school will have worn off by now, and I am sure that the extended break is the reason for a slightly increased number of cases across the school (not just in the children!) For those who were suffering from it this morning, it will pass quickly.

Our focus at the moment is completely on the wellbeing of the children, and providing a learning environment that is a continuation of what we had in place before lockdown. The time for challenging them to move forward with their learning will come - we need to make sure first that they are ready for that

We have moved celebration assemblies to Monday mornings, for reasons too boring to go into here, and the first of these took place this morning. Sharing the names of our stars of the week was a great way to start the week - well done to Leo, Matthew, James, Adam, Arabella and Raf for being chosen first for their classes. It was also exciting to share the news that Chestnut Class have been our most active class in terms of journeys to school this term so far. We will be awarding walking bus badges to the children who have been most active in their journeys to school at the end of the month. We also shared the class totals for their daily mile activities so far - well done to Willow Class for being top of the table at the moment. Finally in our assembly we had the chance to practice the sign language for the song that we are going to perform at our upcoming Harvest Festival. I have added a video of this song to the children's Seesaw activities so that they can practice it at home.

Our after school sports clubs are starting today, with our first netball session. I am not sure how many competitive fixtures will be taking place in the coming months, but I know that the children are looking forward to representing their school if they are given the opportunity. .

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