A busy start to the new school year!

Apart from the obvious disruption caused by the fact that Willow Class is still out of use, and will be out of use until half term, it was proving to be a relatively quiet start to the new school year until Monday morning at about 10:30, when I had a message from Mrs Gosden in the office which was something to the effect of "It's OFSTED on the phone, they want to speak to you."

Now, we knew that we would be receiving 'the call' at some point this term, but this was definitely much earlier than expected. The staff were quite surprised when, after a 90 minute conversation with the lead inspector, I ruined their lunch break with the good news.

From that point on, until the inspector left us at 6pm on Wednesday, I could not have been more proud of attitude,commitment and determination of the staff and pupils to show the inspector what we are capable of in our amazing school.

It was a very intense couple of days, and the new OFSTED framework, which focuses on 'deep dives' into specific curriculum subjects was carried out with a forensic level of detail. We were all totally exhausted by the process, and I cannot report any of the judgements we have received until the report is published, but I can say that I feel lucky to lead such a brilliant team who are fully committed to providing the best possible education to the children in our care.

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