Children in Need 2019

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Well that was certainly a memorable week!

Our visit from Pudsey and co. on Friday certainly topped off a week that we will remember for a very long time. Although we enjoyed the visit, it is a shame that the folks from the BBC were not able to stay with us long enough to fully realise the scope of what we managed to achieve as a school. We know that Wookey is an amazing place, but at this time of year and in the current economic climate, many people do not have lots of spare cash to donate to charity.. For a very small school like ours to raise over £1000 for Children in Need is therefore a superhuman effort and speaks volumes of the character of each and every person who contributed.

Our core school values of respect, engagement, independence and active learning drive everything we do at Wookey and they were certainly evident throughout the whole of last week. The respect shown by our children on Monday shone through during our Remembrance service, when the whole school, including our playgroup children, observed the two minutes silence perfectly. We were very lucky to have Harry from Wells Cathedral School attend our service to play The Last Post before the silence was observed. Following Remembrance, the role taken throughout the week by our ‘Wellbeing Champions’ and the determination shown by all the children to raise as much money as possible for those in need ensured that ‘respect’ continued as a theme throughout the week.

We define our core value of engagement as putting in effort, challenging ourselves and doing our best, and the response to the fundraising efforts that we ran throughout last week certainly demonstrated that our children are more than capable of incredible levels of engagement. When we planned our week we were not sure how many children would take part in daily activities but I can honestly say that the vast majority of them were determined to join in with everything on offer. We recorded a daily total, and the level of engagement ensured that on each day we vastly exceeded our expectations. This was probably most clear in terms of our walking bus, which was joined by 37 children on Friday! The walking bus is obviously also a great example of children demonstrating our ‘active’ value, as was the number of children who tried to ‘beat the goalie’ on Wednesday and the effort shown by the children (and teachers) during the danceathon on Friday.

Finally, in terms of our values it would be wrong not to mention the children who independently decided to raise money through their own ideas during the week. The teachers and I were incredibly impressed with this, and the BBC will be sending us a prize for our ‘star fundraiser’ next week.

Having considered how the children demonstrated our core school values throughout the week I must state that it was not just the children who did this. We had a very exciting time in the office on Friday morning after putting out on social media that we were close to raising £1000 when we started taking pledges over the phone from our parents, and in one case a parent of one of our teachers! If that isn’t engagement I don’t know what is. At one point on Friday I suggested that in 2020 the BBC might like to run the whole Children in Need event at Wookey!

On Friday afternoon Mrs Davies summed up the week in a better way that I would ever be able to when she commented that sometimes when you donate to a charity as an individual it seems like a drop in the ocean, but what we achieved last week as a group of people really feels like it might make a difference to someone. Thank you all!

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