Developing effective independent learners

If you have read our curriculum documents for this term ( you will have noticed that across the school we are focusing on our core value of independence.

As a school we believe that maximising the impact of our teaching on the progress and attainment of our children is not simply a case of overloading the children with more 'stuff' to learn.

We understand that thinking about learning itself (metacognition) is key to maximising the potential of every child, which is why you may hear this term about 'The 5 Bees' or 'C3B4UCM' from your children. We are explicitly teaching them techniques and strategies to help them become more effective independent learners and these are two of the first that we are introducing. For your information, the 5 Bees are:

Brain (what do I know about this already?)

Board (what information can I find from the whiteboard?)

Book (what information can I find in a book?)

Buddy (how can my buddy help me / what feedback can I get from my buddy about my work?)

Boss (what do I need to do before my work is good enough to show 'the boss' (my teacher))

There are some extra Bees that can be added to this list too, including "bits and bobs" which reminds the children to look for resources around their classroom that can help them with their learning.

Also, C3B4UCM stands for "see three people before you see me" and is a way of encouraging the children to get feedback from their peers before they 'finish' their work.

We may be introducing more independence strategies over the next few weeks, but we will give the children time to assimilate these and time for us to measure their impact on their learning.

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