Diary of a Snow Day

I thought that for my blog this week I should summarise all the events leading up to the decision to close the school today and also the actions required on our part once that decision had been made. This will hopefully illustrate how seriously we take any decision to close. Please note that all times in the log of events below are approximate.

Thursday 31st January - 5 pm - during staff meeting agreed a plan of action for Friday morning in case the snow arrives. As well as responsibility for the children I also have a duty of care for my staff, and many of them have a long commute to school in the morning. Decision made to wait until tomorrow before considering closing the school as now snow yet.

Thursday 31st January - evening - regular communication between staff scattered across the county as weather situation started to change.

Today - 6 am - began liaising with Head Teachers of other Wells School to gain information about the local weather conditions. It was clear at this point that the weather in and around Wells was going to make it unlikely that we would be able to open.

Today - 6:30 am - liaised with Wookey staff who live close to the school. By this point I was aware that some Wells Schools had decided to close.

Today - 6:45 am - spoke to a member of staff on site at the school, Confirmed that access to the school would not be safe if we were to open. School Senior Leadership Team confirmed decision to close with Chair of Governors. Communicated decision to close to parents via social media and staff via other methods. Teaching staff posted messages on Seesaw to confirm to parents - we tried really hard to communicate the message to everyone so that hopefully nobody set out on the treacherous journey to school today.

Today - 7 am - confirmed decision to close with Somerset County Council, as we are required to do. Unfortunately, their server was down (where have I heard that before), so that took longer than was necessary. It now appears that all Wells schools, in fact most of the schools in Somerset, are closed today.

Today - 7:15 am - confirmed our closure to The French Kitchen, informing them that we would not be requiring lunches today. Cancelled meetings for the day, including a senior leadership team meeting with our School Advisor. This was really disappointing as we were going to spend the day with him visiting classes and planning the next steps in our school journey. Luckily we have rearranged this for two weeks time.

Today - 7:30 am - teachers asked via Seesaw for snow day pictures from our children to be sent in via the platform.

Today - 8:30 am - went for a walk in the snow!

If we are going to have a snow day, let's celebrate it together! Keep checking Seesaw throughout the day - you never know, you might see some staff pics too!

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