Field to Food Learning Day 2019

We had a great day today at the Field to Food Learning Day at The Bath and West Showground. On arrival we were split into our three groups and our first session was finding out about everything that goes into feeding the cows that make the milk we drink. We enjoyed looking around the huge machinery, including a harvester that costs around £250000!

After dropping off our bags in the area designated for our lunch break, we returned to the main pavilion where we learned about the process of collecting honey from beehives, as well as how bread is made and exactly where in the pig our bacon comes from. After a short break mid morning we got to see a variety of pig breeds up close. The piglets were extremely cute but very loud! The children were getting hungry by now, so luckily they had the chance to try some fresh milk and cheese which kept them going until their lunch break.

After lunch we had the chance to watch sheep sheering and to touch and smell a freshly shorn fleece, as well as to see some experts spinning wool and weaving. We also saw some real milking, which was very exciting, particularly as the children had being trying to milk a (plastic) cow earlier in the day!

We had a bit of time before we had to start our journey back to school so we managed to squeeze in a visit to some cows, as well as having the chance to be weighed using the same equipment the farmers use.

The children were all very tired when we got back to school but they seemed to really enjoy the practical nature of the day itself. I am hopeful that they will all have renewed/increased respect for the work that goes in to getting their food onto the table and that they will remember today for a very long time.

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