I had the pleasure last week of helping Oak Class take part in Children’s Mental Health Week 2020 when I sat in on their special ‘Show and Tell’ on Friday morning. The theme of the session, and of the week itself, was ‘Find Your Brave’ and the children were invited to bring an object or talk about a time when they were brave.

We talked about how we feel when we are faced with a challenge, that feeling unsure of ourselves is perfectly natural, and we celebrated the buzz we feel when we have accomplished something that we consider to be out of our comfort zone.

We had worry monsters brought in by the children, which are soft toys that ‘eat’ their worries, special toys that the children have had since they were babies, a happiness journal, special books, stories of hospital visits and roller coaster rides and much more.

I was extremely impressed with the understanding shown by the children that it is ok to feel sad, and that objects and memories are powerful tools in helping us with our mental health. The children also showed a great maturity in their awareness of the importance of meeting challenges in life head on and the damage that can be done if we live a life without challenge.

Although it was nice to have a week dedicated to raising awareness of mental health, it is vital that this is something that any primary school engaged with for the whole of the year. With our focus on well-being as a key aspect of our curriculum at Wookey I can confidently state that this is part of the #wookeyway.

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