Friday 14th September

On a visit to Rowan Class this morning I was greeted by more than one child addressing me as 'the man who does the lunches'! I can understand why this happened, as I have been quite visible in the hall at lunchtime since the start of term whilst overseeing the delivery of our new lunches, but I did have to sit down and let the children know a bit more about the role of the Headteacher.

On the subject of lunches, I was surprised to have several children at lunch today tell me that they didn't like the look of their chips. I had to explain to them that they were not chips, but wedges, and that they were supposed to look like that! I can't help but wonder if that was a reflection of the lack of variety in more than a few children's diets. We will keep plugging away encouraging them though, and I know that with the brilliant new menu we have in place we will produce lots of little gastronomes at Wookey by the end of the year!

I am just typing this now before our first proper celebration assembly of the academic year. We all really look forward to sharing the successes of the week on Friday afternoon - it is a great way to cap off the week in school

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