Friday 15th March

This term we have been thinking about showing respect for ourselves as learners by working hard to improve our presentation in our school books. As a part of this focus we are in the process of producing a writing gallery in the hall where each child in the school will be given a frame and asked to choose a piece of writing that they are proud of to put in it. The children will then be given the chance to update their frame when they feel that they have produced a piece of writing that they would like to share with the world. Once the gallery is up and running it would be lovely if the children bring their parents in after school to show them around the amazing writing that is being produced by the whole school.

Alongside the writing gallery we are starting writing buddy sessions this term, where children will have a chance to share their writing with a partner from another class. I am looking forward to seeing the older children encouraging younger ones with their writing as well as the extra 'pressure' on them when they share their own work!

Finally, to illustrate the impact of our focus on presentation so far this term I would like to share a piece of work, produced by a child in Oak Class. They were challenged by their teacher to polish a piece of their writing for an audience and the results were amazing! It was great to see the pride in this child, and the determination to show the same standards of presentation from this point on.

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