Friday 28th September

The staff and I have been concerned by the number of reports from adults relating to children that they have seen not showing good road sense of late.

If you have looked at our curriculum page on the school website you will have seen that each term we have a specific 'keeping safe' focus in our classes. For a number of classes this term that focus is road safety. We are also planning to run 'Bikeability' sessions for some children in Chestnut class.

In school we have already looked at 'The Green Cross Code' and the response from the children has been good. We will continue with our focus in school and we hope, with your help, that we can reduce the number of worrying incidents that are reported to us.

I would like to personally recommend the free app "KLANG: The Road Home" as something you might consider to help reinforce road safety in an engaging way. We have used it in school before to good effect. You can find out more about the app here

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