Friday 5th October 2018

On Monday this week we took part in the first football tournament of the season at Wells Blue School. We were one of 7 teams taking part, which meant that each team had to face 6 matches in succession. The team arrived in good spirit after several Wednesday training sessions with Mr Scriven this term.

We were unlucky to lose our first match 2-1, particularly as all three goals were scored by Wookey players. The match was over very quickly, and the team did well from 2-0 down to nearly force a draw.

After our first match Wookey showed improved organisation and teamwork, only losing 1 more match and finishing joint fourth overall, with a record of 1 win, 3 draws and 2 defeats. Everyone played their part in this very solid performance, but special mention should go to Callum for his excellent defending and Gabe for never stopping running in his hunt for goals.

I am sure that the team will have learnt a lot from this tournament and we are looking forward to seeing how they get on when they visit the Blue School again on Monday 8th October.

Another highlight for me this week was the response of Oak class when given a haggis to try on Tuesday afternoon. We have been learning about the countries, capital cities and traditions of the UK, and it was Scotland this week. We made Welsh cakes last week so I needed to think of something to top that, and cooking a haggis certainly helped create a memorable experience for the children. I was really encouraged by the number of children who actually enjoyed tasting it, and many even wanted to know where I bought it so they could ask their parents to get one. I am thinking that we could add haggis to our hot lunch menu after Christmas!

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