This term the children in Chestnut and Willow classes have been invited to take part in a pilot project with other schools in Somerset of a platform called GoBubble.

GoBubble allows children to take advantage of the best bits of social media, without any of the negative aspects. It is designed specifically for primary schools and we are hopeful that our children will use it instead of other social media platforms that are aimed at much older children. It is a completely safe space for them, as parents are able to lock-down children’s access so that they can only interact with their friends online.

Initial feedback from the children has been good, and I am pleased to report that we have received parental permission for 20 out of 48 of our KS2 children to use GoBubble at home.

Taking part in this pilot project has come at a good time for our children, as they are not able to socialise with their friends as they did before COVID-19.

We need now to try to get to a tipping point where it takes on a life of its own, and we will be using GoBubble in school, but in order to really get the children going on this it would be lovely if you could sit down with your child at home and explore GoBubble together.

I am not a user of social media personally, but I am really impressed with GoBubble. Hopefully by working in partnership we can kick-start GoBubble and make it part of the life of Wookey School for years to come!

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