Harvest, but not as we know it...

We had a very unusual but enjoyable Harvest Festival in school today. Due to the current pandemic we were unable to visit St Matthew's Church so we held a virtual Harvest Festival over Zoom.

We started with a trip around the classes, where the teachers and children talked about some of the Harvest themed work that has been going on this term. After that we shared some examples of children's work using a video that I put together. You can see this video above.

We then handed over to Reverend Guy for an interesting and informative talk about Harvest. We were very lucky that Revered Guy was able to join us from his study and the children really enjoyed answering the questions that he set them.

Following Reverend Guy's talk the children all performed a song called 'Let's Harvest'. Instead of singing the words they performed them using Makaton sign language. It was great to see how well they had learned all the actions and the teachers are going to post videos of their classes performing on Seesaw to celebrate their hard work.

Finally this afternoon I handed back to Reverend Guy who ended the festival by giving the children something to think about over the coming year.

Although it was a shame that we couldn't get to the church this year it was a really enjoyable experience and I hope that those parents who managed to join us online enjoyed it as much as we did. I think we should be proud of the hard work that went into making the Harvest Festival happen this year and that we didn't let COVID get in the way of the occasion. Although we are not able to connect with our parents in the usual way at the moment I hope everyone connected with the school understands that we are doing the best that we can.

Thank you to everyone for their support today!

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