Lunchtime improvements

We are all delighted with the positive impact of the changes we have made to lunchtimes since Wells Blue School took over the responsibility of providing them.

We had noticed that trying to cram everyone into the hall at 12:00 was resulting in a chaotic environment and not one where eating was a pleasure for the children. We therefore took the decision to split the lunch hour into 2 servings, with the children who have hot dinners going in at 12:00 and the children who choose to bring sandwiches going in at 12:30.

The results have been brilliant, and the lunch hall is certainly a much calmer place now for everyone. It has also been rewarding to see the oldest children volunteering to take on responsibilities such as helping to carry the plates of the younger children to their tables. This has also resulted in a lot less mess on the floor from dropped food!

We have reminded the children who bring sandwiches that their lunch has only been delayed realistically by around 20 minutes, and that if they feel hungry they can always bring in a snack for playtime to keep them going. We also reminded them of the importance of having a proper breakfast and that when they get to the Blue School they will have to wait until around 1:30pm to eat! Anyway, we are confident that a few rumbling tummies are a small price to play for the much improved atmosphere in the hall at lunchtimes.

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