Penultimate Blog of the Academic Year

For my penultimate blog of the year I thought I would share this list of 10 ways to keep demonstrating the values of Wookey School throughout the summer that I am going to be sharing with the children in my assembly this week.

1. Be active - don't spend all day on your tablets / games systems! Spend some time outside

2. Be engaged - read something, if you are able to take part in the local library challenge then do so, but if not then there are plenty of other things you can read!

3. Be respectful - when you talk to your friends online. There is never any excuse for being less then respectful online.

4. Be independent - try to teach yourself something new. The important thing is for you to do it yourself!

5. Be active - you are very lucky to live in the Wookey area. Go for walks with your family, even when it is raining!

6. Be engaged - try cooking something, even if it is just helping your parents cook a meal. You could also be independent and do it yourself!

7. Be respectful - keep your room tidy. Don't rely on your parents to do it for you!

8. Be independent - try some of the meditation activities that we have done this year on You can do them without any adults helping you if you visit their website.

9. Be engaged - visit Wells Museum with your parents. It's great!

10. Be independent - write a diary of everything you get up to and be ready to share it with your teacher in September.

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