Plans for maintaining the #wookeyway during school closure.

As the coronavirus situation is developing very quickly I thought that it would be pertinent to share information through this blog relating to our plans for the continuation of the children’s education in the case of a period of extended school closure.

We appreciate that, if this happens, it will be a challenging time for everyone and that it will need commitment from us all to ensure that the impact of long term disruption is minimised in relation to the children’s education.

We are therefore putting together a document outlining our commitment throughout a closure, as well as the support we will need from parents and children to make the best of the situation we are likely to find ourselves in. We will share this document with you in the coming week and we are very keen to receive feedback on it, positive or negative. I am sure that you will appreciate we have never faced a situation like this before in school so any comments or suggestions to help us get it as right as we can whilst things continue to develop are also welcomed.

We are in a stronger position than many other schools in that we have a system which supports home school communication already in place. Seesaw is a powerful learning tool and I am pleased to announce that they have introduced home learning codes, which will allow the children to access their learning journal at home on a PC, laptop or mobile device. This will allow us to not only set work during any disruption, but also to give the children feedback on work that they complete and submit to us.

Although we intend Seesaw to be our primary mode of supporting remote learning, we acknowledge that some children may have less online access than others and that this access may also be limited by device availability. We will of course allow for this in terms of type of work set and deadlines for completion.

Thank you for your continued support.

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