Playground Mentors

This week we have started our playground mentor scheme. Our older children have always been brilliant at supporting the younger ones at playtime at lunchtime and it is one of the great strengths of our school is that you regularly see children of different ages playing together. We wanted to celebrate the children in Chestnut Class who do this, which is why a number of them were awarded mentor arm bands in school this week.

We will be working with these children over the coming month or so to ensure that they have been fully trained in their formal mentoring roles and we will also be asking for feedback from these children to find out their views about actions we can take to make play times and lunch times even more rewarding for our children.

Although we have only just created these mentor roles, it has been great to see the children who have been chosen to carry them out being so proactive in their engagement with our youngest children, and I know that the children in Rowan class have really enjoyed being mentored!

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