Reading is homework too!

Looking at the bookings for our after school clubs this term it is clear that homework club is our least popular. This is perhaps not surprising, as it doesn't sound as exciting as cooking club or pottery club, but I want to make a plea to our parents to sign their children up for it with the slogan 'reading is homework too'!

You might be interested to hear about a recent study from 'The Literacy Trust' found that 14 year-olds who enjoy reading have a reading age 3.3 years higher than their peers who don't enjoy it. To find out more about this study you can click here

So, if your child is not a keen reader, or they don't have much time to sit quietly and read when they are at home, why not send them to homework club with a book? They will then have an hour in a quiet reading environment, and they will also have access to Mrs Davies who will be really happy to discuss their book with them. We also have some excellent stories in school that your child might be dying to have the time to get stuck into, and this could be their chance. If you would like to sign your child up for homework (reading) club then please visit the online booking page of our website.

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