It was lovely to finally be able to invite our parents in to school last week for a family event. It's been such a long time since we were able to do this and our school community is very special to us. Running a covid-compliant sports day did throw up some logistical challenges, and the day itself looked different to any that we have run in previous years, but we were all delighted with the outcome. It was clear from feedback from our parents, and from the children, that everyone enjoyed the feeling of being together again immensely.

Separating the day into 5 sessions, one for each of our classes (including playgroup) was a necessity of the times, but reflecting afterwards we agreed that we should consider running the event in a similar way next year. It has been interesting to think about school under covid of late, and how we would be foolish if we did not hold onto aspects of school life, such as this sports day, which were actually an improvement on what was done pre-pandemic. Changing the format of this sports day resulted in the following 'improvements':

- the children were sat on the field for a shorter time, which meant that their interest in what was happening on the running track was maintained

- parents did not have to write off an entire afternoon, which could feasibly have made it easier for them to attend

- less confident children were happier running than in previous years, with a smaller crowd watching

- the staff were less stressed out by the whole thing (trust me, we may look calm and relaxed in a sports day but we are not!!)

We followed the sports day itself with a whole school assembly on Thursday morning, where Mr Adams announced the results of the class competitions and many medals were given out. This was as lovely an experience as the sports day itself and meant that the 'whole school' feel was maintained. It was also brilliant to meet face-to-face as a whole school (outside on the playground to ensure covid compliance) for the first time in a long time.

The behaviour of the children was of course exemplary, not just in the sports day but also in the follow-up assembly. The teachers and I were particularly proud of the way that all the children cheered each other on in such an inclusive way. They celebrated not just the winners of the races but clapped and cheered as everyone finished, including the children who found keeping it with their peers particularly challenging. The whole event really was a celebration of what makes Wookey Primary School such a special place.


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