Thank you!

I want to say a huge thank you, not only to our parents who have returned their Seesaw questionnaires this week, but to all the parents who have supported us in this new way of working.

So far we have had 35 questionnaires returned and I am pleased that everyone has indicated that they appreciate the hard work that is going on behind the scenes to ensure that the impact of COVID-19 on their children’s education is being minimised.

For me what we are doing is not only important educationally but also emotionally. The situation we are in is very isolating and it is vitally important that the children still feel they are part of the school community and that their teachers still care about the learning that they are experiencing.

In terms of how we can make improvements after the Easter break, I have noted that some parents responded that they are not finding it easy to support their children on Seesaw. We totally appreciate that this is challenging for everyone and please don’t hesitate to message your child’s class teacher if you are having particular problems so that they can help reach a solution.

Several parents have also drawn my attention to issues that arise when trying to support more than one child in the home with access to Seesaw. We have found a couple of solutions to the problem of logging and off multiple times, one of which I have shared via a Seesaw message to parents. Another option which has been shared with me today is to open 2 different Internet browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, and have 1 child logged in on each browser.

The final point that has been raised by several parents is the question of motivating their children to complete their home learning work. My response to that would be… welcome to our world! All I can do is thank you for your patience and support in this.

Although there will be some content uploaded over the Easter break, this will look very different for the next 2 weeks. Please rest assured that, when we return on April 20th you will find that all the feedback you have given will have been fully absorbed and we hope that over the remainder of the time that school is closed we can all continue to work together for the benefit of the children, as that is ‘the Wookey Way’.

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