'The Wookey Way' in Action

As a school we are, quite rightly, expected to measure the impact of everything we do on the children that attend Wookey Primary. In this day and age it is sad however that impact is so often considered to be linked to 'hard' data and that other kinds of success can sometimes not be recognised. We obviously want our children to reach their potential, and getting the best results in reading, writing and maths are clearly a large part of this. But there is so much more to develop inside a child than just these core skills. That is 'The Wookey Way'.

I experienced a great example of The Wookey Way in action this week, straight after our netball match - which we battled hard in but were ultimately defeated 12-6. One of our players told me that they thought that they probably would not want to take part in the netball team if they attended the school we were playing against, as the staff and pupils of that school looked like they were not having any fun! I can honestly say that this meant far more to me than a victory would have done and I was very proud of this student for having the confidence to share their thoughts with me.

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