Thursday 6th March

After having to spend significant time and effort dealing with the impact of the darker side of life online last week in school it was refreshing to experience the more positive effects of the Internet following our visit to Team Bath Netball on Friday.

We first noticed this on Friday night, when the Team Bath Twitter page ‘liked’ the photo that we posted at the start of the game. The children who came to the match were very excited to see that their picture had been seen and responded to.

This Twitter adventure continued on Saturday morning, when one of our parents posted a picture on twitter of her children playing with a netball purchased from the Team Bath shop, which was retweeted by their official page, along with a very nice reply. This tweet was then seen and responded to by Eboni Usoro-Brown, who is Captain of Team Bath and also an England player!

I then posted a tweet letting Team Bath know how much we enjoyed our trip, which amazingly has now been seen by nearly 6000 people since they retweeted it to their followers. They also quoted my blog of the experience and posted that as a tweet, which has been responded to by two more of the players and two of the coaching staff, including the manager!

It is so important that we show the children that the Internet can be used as a positive tool, and that there is more to it than scary pictures and fake news, and it was a pleasure to share some of the Twitter conversations that were had with them in my assembly this week. The children were really excited by how engaged the Team Bath players are with their fans, and I am sure that this will only add to the high regard that they hold them in since watching them play on Friday evening.

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