We are now a WOW school!

Many of you will be aware that we have been running a daily walking bus from Wookey Hub to school everyday since we trialled it during Children in Need Week last year. The children (and staff) who have taken part in it have really enjoyed doing this, and we know the impact that walking has on both our physical and mental health. Passengers on the walking bus have also benefited from our loyalty card system, which has given them money off purchases at Wookey Hub.

As our parents and children are aware, one of our core values at Wookey School is 'being active' and we have therefore been thinking about a way that we could get more of our children involved in the walking bus. I am therefore delighted to announce that we have signed up for the 'Year Round Walk to School Challenge' organised by the UK Charity 'Living Streets'.

Our children will now be able to earn monthly badges as a recognition of their commitment to being part of our walking bus. These badges will be presented to children who have travelled on the walking bus at least 10 times in a month - they will be awarded in assembly and celebrated in our newsletter at the end of each month. The badges change every month and cannot be earned retrospectively, so we hope the children enjoy building up their collections!

I am aware of course that when the children return to school on Monday there will only be 1 week left in February, but to launch the initiative we will be presenting February badges to the children who use the walking bus 4 times next week. I hope that this will start things off with a bang and we look forward to seeing lots of Wookey children at the Hub on Monday at 8:30am. Here is a picture of the February badge, which will be available for 1 week only!

I am of course aware that for some of our families joining the walking bus is trickier than others. If your child is interested in taking part then we hope you are able to get them to Wookey Hub, as we would love to see as many families as possible taking part. Please be aware that the loyalty card system will still be running when we start back next week.

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