We are on Patreon!

Eagle-eyed readers of the Wookey Weekly this week will have seen that we have joined a platform called Patreon.

Small schools like ours have been hit particularly hard by school funding cuts in recent years and we have relied heavily on donations from our parents group (the WSA) to support us. With the impact of COVID-19 we are now not able to fund raise in our usual way and are looking for individuals and businesses to support us in the delivery of our unique curriculum through donations to Patreon.

We are very proud of our progressive curriculum, which we call ‘The Wookey Way’, as it focuses on developing behaviours and attitudes within our children that will enable them to become lifelong learners. Our curriculum uses the principles of Early Years education, applying them across the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2 with great effect. We have cultivated an excellent reputation locally for what we do, and parents recognise that we put the needs of our children above everything else.

Delivering the curriculum that we passionately believe is the one that our children need, and deserve, is a challenge. We have become very creative in finding ways to do it in the past few years as the financial burdens on schools have increased. We are hoping that by joining Patreon and inviting local businesses and individuals to become our Patrons we can not just maintain but build on ‘The Wookey Way’ and improve the experiences of all the children at Wookey Primary School.

So, if you know any local businesses or individuals who you think might want to make a small monthly donation to the school, please direct them to our Patreon page where they will be able to the the four tiers of sponsorship we have created and the benefits of each.

Every penny we raise through Patreon will be spent directly on resources and experiences for the children, and we will share our journey with all members of the school community through our weekly newsletter.

Thank you on behalf of the children of Wookey School.

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