The Wells Community Learning Partnership (WCLP)

Our School is part of the Wells Community Learning Partnership. Formed more than 9 years ago the WCLP is a group of 15 proactive and forward thinking schools from the Wells and wider Mendip area who work collaboratively to combine their skills across the curriculum, training and school management to benefit the staff, children and wider communities.


The Partnership regularly combine to put on Sports workshops where the children from all years Reception to Year 6 to experience various sports and activities with other schools. They also run Dance Festivals for the schools in the area to showcase dance talents.


There are also numerous opportunities within the partnership for staff. They provide joint INSET days across the area to provide all staff training. There are regular meetings for Subject Leaders and Head Teachers to be able to share knowledge and information.

Bishop Henderson Cof E Primary School
Farley Dell,Coleford,Radstock, BA3 5PN 
Tel: 01373 812557
Head: Mrs Tonie Scott


The Blue School
Kennion Road Wells BA5 2NR 
Tel: 01749 678799
Head: Mr Mark Woodlock

Chewton Mendip CofE VA Primary School
Chewton Mendip, Bath BA3 4LL 

Tel: 01761 241465 Fax: 01761 241514 
Head: Miss Clare Rice

Coxley Primary School 
Coxley, Wells, Somerset BA5 1RD 
Tel: 01749 672719 Fax: 01749 679582 
Head : Mr Michael Shakespeare

Hemington Primary School
Hemington, Radstock BA3 5XU 
Tel: 01373 834320
Head: Mrs Naomi De Chastelain

Horrington Primary School 
Horrington, Wells, Somerset BA5 3EB 
Tel: 01749 673516 Fax 01749 670685 
Head: Mrs Julie Williams


Kilmersdon CofE Primary School
School Lane, Kilmersdon, Radstock BA3 
Tel: 01761 432283
Head: Mr Stephen Bamford


Priddy Primary School 
Priddy, Wells, Somerset BA5 3BE 
Tel: 01749 870354 Fax: 01749 870685 
Head: Mrs Rosie Thorner


St Benedicts Catholic Primary School
Charlton Lane, Radstock BA3 4BD 
Tel: 01761 418594
Head: Mrs Cindy Stockting


St Cuthbert's CofE Infants School 
Keward Walk, Wells,BA5 1TZ 
Tel: 01749 672591 Fax: 01749 670769 
Acting Head: Mrs Sheryl Cooper  


St Joseph's & St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Lovers Walk, Wells BA5 2QL 
Tel: 01749 678791 Fax: 01749 670682 
Executive Head: Mrs T Webber-Harvey


St Lawrence's CofE Primary School 
School Hill, Westbury-sub-Mendip BA5 1HL 
Tel: 01749 870437 Fax: 01749 870318 
Head: Mrs Rosie Thorner


St Vigor & St John CofE School 
Wells Road, Chilcompton, Radstock BA3 4EX 
Tel: 01761 233847 Fax: 01761 233795 
Head: Mr David Allinson


St Cuthbert's CofE Junior School 
Keward Avenue, Wells BA5 1TS
Tel: 01749 678066
Head: Mrs Helen Mullinger